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Affordable Web Design

Affordable web design and custom web design should be the same thing and go hand in hand with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Most designers disagree with this and build a site then think about optimizing for the search engines. Here at Affordable Web Design we take a different approach to SEO and SEM.An internet consultant talking marketing with a client. Every site we do, optimizing and marketing is part of the planning and is embedded in every line of your web site. As a customer this means that you are getting optimal effect from your web site and it will also rank higher on the search engines for your chosen key words. This gives you a huge advantage over your competition that is very hard for them to make up.

Search engine optimization is not something that can be done overnight, it takes lots of work and experience to put you where you belong. Although we can't guarantee that we will get you a #1 ranking in you keyword you want we can guarantee that we will put your website in the top 1% of all websites that are online thus increasing your chances of many top 10 rankings for keywords that will bring you the traffic that consists of buyers, traffic you deserve. There are quite a few SEO experts that will charge you $2000 a month and guarantee you a top 10 ranking. However there is a catch. Most of the keywords they get you ranked for has little or no traffic so they did not really do you any good.

Affordable Web Site
Design Services

We are a full service Web Site Design Company that specializes in helping our customers achieve their goals. Whether it is a completely new site or a redesign we take you from the beginning all the way to a top 10 position on the search engines. From domain name and hosting, web design, graphics, search engine optimization, internet marketing and consulting we work with you every step of the way.

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Affordable Search Engine Marketing

For anyone that has not noticed lately search engine marketing is changing the way shoppers find products they are looking for. Newspapers are feeling the loss of revenue, and television advertisers are being very careful with their dollars. Even on the internet the face of advertising is changing and along with that the type of web sites have made a dynamic shift in another direction.

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Search Engine Optimization Company

The search engine optimization industry is growing every day. There is so much information that is being published that a person doesn't know where to start learning. Unfortunately most of the information is incorrect or out of date. Someone makes a wild guess at something and before long it is being hailed as the newest, greatest discovery that is guaranteed to get your site to the #1 position.

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Search Engine Optimization With Standards

Search engine optimization and marketing has just taken a new turn and 99% of the SEO and SEM experts are not even aware of it. The big problem is this took place in 1996 with the introduction of Cascade Styling Sheets or CSS. Then came XHTML replacing HTML as the mark-up code we use. About that time ESPN researched the advantages of this new way of doing things and redesigned their website using pure CSS and XHTML.

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